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Quinoa Bowls for the win

As we emerge into Spring I crave lighter foods.  This quinoa bowl is light while still being hearty and its variety of toppings will fuel you through even the busiest of work days. What I really like about quinoa bowls … Continue reading

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Life/Post Surgery-Things always get better

In recent months I’ve been in pain, stressed and just overwhelmingly tired. Surgery, while not as bad as I feared was also not a cakewalk (haha you see what I did there…).***I look shockingly happy in this picture…go nerve blocker! … Continue reading

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Golden & Red Beets + Tofu

I apologize I haven’t been writing for a while.  Life has been chaotic (which is an understatement) for sure.  Between numerous trips to the Dr’s office, visiting a friend in GA, planning a wedding and house hunting I haven’t had … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash & Golden Beet Risotto with Rosemary Balsamic Mushrooms

Oh my! That’s what I have to say about this risotto. I used to think that risotto was extravagant, a meal meant only for those who traverse fancy eloquent restaurants. Imagine how amazed I was to discover that I could … Continue reading

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