Avo Toast, Blood Orange & an Egg….or 2…


Avo Toast

There is always an egg…seriously…. 98% of my breakfasts start with an egg, and if I wasn’t trying to be innovative I would hit a hot 100%.  A+ anyone? I’ll take it.

More often than not when I hear people talk about being healthier the conversation goes a lot like this, “I want to be healthier….but it’s just so hard.” I equate “being healthier” to be easy as tying your shoes.  It’s an essential yet easy first step that sets you up for the rest of your daily and life long travels.

Most of us wouldn’t knowingly walk around without tying our laces from fear of tripping and falling. We’d take the common sense action. We’d pause, bend down, and upon placing our feet in our shoes we’d tie the laces. Many of us going a step further, tug slightly on the ends to ensure our security. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your nutrition?

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard, complex, or overly complicated. It isn’t necessarily a marathon race to the finish line, or an Olympic event.  It is taking the time to love yourself by making small choices each day.  Choose to fuel your nutrition.

Today, I had Avo Toast with eggs, accented with blood orange slices, hemp seeds, and tomato. A close friend of mine said it reminded them of a “Navajo Sand Painting.” While the picture may be pretty, the meal itself was so unbelievably easy to make.

Boil a few eggs to your liking. I overcooked mine, but hey I went with it, and they still tasted great.  Mash half an avocado and spread it on toast.  Mine was a homemade wheat molasses.  Peel and cut you eggs once cooked.  Assemble and add any toppings you want.  Boom! You’re done, and have a healthy fueling breakfast.

If you want to be healthier, nourish yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Get your fully tied shoes walking in the right direction.

As always eat healthy stay fit,