Flower Power Salads & Coloring Your Plate


Flower Salad

Today I’m throwing it back to one of my favorite salads I made last summer.  If you noticed, I’ve been missing the warmer weather in general lately. Spring and summer spark not only a time of warmer weather but bring weekend excursions to our local farms to sample some of the freshest produce.

I feel so lucky to live in a place where farms are at a maximum a 15-20-minute drive away.  In fact, sometimes I prefer trekking out to Old Sawmill Farm in Coventry, or Our Kids Farm out in Exeter.  The drive gives me time to roll down the windows, crank the tunes and forget all worries as the breeze takes them away.  Both farms offer a great selection of both vegetables and fruit.

This salad is a gentle reminder that it doesn’t take a lot to take the humblest of ingredients and transform them into something spectacular.  Also, when you bring multiple colors to your plate it makes everything much more exciting.  Between the crisp green spinach, ruby red & golden beets, this salad is a known show stopper and I know I’m looking forward to creating more Flower Power Salads this year.

Once again, no real recipe for success is required.  I lined my plate with fresh spinach, cut two larger slices of a green bell pepper to represent the leaves of the stem, and arranged thin, alternating color slices of beets for the petals.  A carefully placed generous handful of sunflower seeds rounds out the center of this “flower” and freshly cut tomatoes accent the bottom.

Q: What are your favorite summertime salads?

As always eat healthy stay fit,