Add a little Sweet(potato)ness to your Life

Parnips carrotsI love sweet potatoes, and as you may or may not know by now I love soup!  There is something so comforting about dipping your spoon into this soup.  It is like a warm, delicious hug to your insides.  Did I mention it’s also healthy and good for you!
Sweet potato soup

I stumbled upon this recipe for sweet potato soup a few weeks ago and decided it would be the perfect soup to make for when my friends came to visit.  One of my friends is a vegan, and out of respect I ensured their meal was not only yummy but vegan friendly.  Even the non-vegan and Cal agreed that it was mighty tasty soup and fabulous for the cold weather that has been wrecking havoc on the Northeast.

If you live in the Northeast, or know someone who does I’m sure you’ve heard people complain about how horrible the winter has been.  I’ll agree, it has been am unseasonably long, cold winter and I too am itching for spring to officially (unofficially) arrive.

However, if you live in New England and you chose to live in New England suck it up.  It’s cold, it snows and yes we are all aware of the sub zero temperatures (enough with your Facebook posts), but enough already.  Chin up and eat this soup!

I did alter the original recipe to include butternut squash and I went a little heavier on the spices as I made a double batch.  I think this is one of those soups you can be a little creative with.  You don’t have to be exact.  I also tried “The Awesome Green”-Broccoli Detox Soup featured within the same link above.

What are your favorite soups during the cold months?

As always eat healthy stay fit,


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