Elles day off

So what does the Genuine Green Girl do on her day off from work? Well she starts the day off early. She is part quintessential housewife as she hands her fiance his homemade lunch, kisses him and locks the door after he has left. But, her day has just begun.

After deciding her lovely locks of hair could use some sprucing up; a few inches and a natural made shampoo wash later she pads out of the apartment and makes the short trip to physical therapy…which was…awesome!

After a successful session she heads back to her apartment to make some much-needed breakfast. What’s on the menu? Eggs with leftover spinach garlic and mushrooms….can we all just pause for a glorious moment and savor that? Yum!


There will be some cleaning…some cooking, an MRI, grocery shopping, reading and of course lots of snuggles with Itsy (and later Cal) to fill the rest of her day. But for now? She just sits, relaxes and basks in the peace of being home.

What do you like to do on your days off?

As always eat healthy stay fit,


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