Golden & Red Beets + Tofu

Beets, Peas, Tofu

I apologize I haven’t been writing for a while.  Life has been chaotic (which is an understatement) for sure.  Between numerous trips to the Dr’s office, visiting a friend in GA, planning a wedding and house hunting I haven’t had much time for writing.

Even though I’ve been under the weather and busy that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating well.  Meals these days have been more simplified but focused on getting as much nutrition as possible.  I’ve been focusing on juicing (mainly green juices and some fabulous beets), and focusing on nutritional balance in each meal.

The meal above is brown rice (cooked with a little coconut oil, salt and pepper), boiled red and golden beets, peas and tofu.  What I love about this meal is its full of nutrition, feels like the perfect portion, and the perfect weight consistency.  While I will feel full after finishing I never feel stuffed, just pleasantly satisfied. 

I know many of my friends will scrunch their nose up (or do that whole raised eyebrows…”you expect me to eat THAT?”) at the mention of tofu.  To be honest, a few years ago I probably would have done the same.  Tofu when pressed, seasoned and cooked correctly can be amazing.  Why?  It’s amazingly adaptable.   Asian, Mexican and traditional flavors all work well with this food.  My favorite is the extra firm variety though the softer versions work well with soups and smoothies.

While I am not a vegetarian by any means I do try to add tofu to our weekly (or at least bi weekly) rotation.  It is a good source of protein, 8 amino acids and fairly inexpensive.  Out of a normal package, split between Cal and I, we get 4 servings.  The standard serving size is 5 per package, but I take into account that Cal is a man, and eats more than I do.

There are an unending amount of resources on the web that provide instructions on how to drain, press, season and prepare tofu which can be helpful to the tofu novice.  Remember, it’s all about trying new things.  The first recipe you might come across may not be the one for you, but the more often you prepare the easier you will find to work with.

What are your favorite ways to prepare tofu?

As always eat healthy stay fit,


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