PiYO Week One Results

After a week on PiYO I am happy to share the results. I am 1 lb down and lost 3 inches. I consider that to be extremely successful.

Chalene is amazing, absolutely amazing. I dont’t find her to be obnoxiously annoying, but rather pleasant and encouraging. There is just enough of her humour thrown in so you may find yourself emitting a chuckle during downward dog split. Other times if you are new to this type of exercise you may find yourself gasping for breath while trying to hold a challenging pose. I’ll admit my PiYO sessions are sometimes spiced up with a variety of colorful phrases, especially when I’m trying a new variation of a pose.

Chalene is very good at pointing out how to modify poses to make them easier. Some poses she explains can be modified by the assistance of a chair.  Luckily, being only new to PiYO but familiar with yoga I havent had to use this assistance quite yet. I would however recommend using a chair to someone who is either a beginner to yoga and pilates or simply someone who has limited flexibility.

These exercises are something I have come to look forwards to everyday. I have consistent joint and muscular pain and these exercises while challenging are gentle on the joints and do relieve the everday stiffness.

You start off with Align the Fundamentals. In this beginner session Chalene explains some of the different poses you will encounter during each progressing session. This session is critical for beginners.

Define Upper and Define Lower are both gentle introductions to what is to follow. With Define Upper you feel your triceps strengthening a little more each time and Define Lower promises to tone that booty  (who doesn’t love that?).

Sweat. This session does exactly that. Drenches you in outrageous amounts of Sweat. Yup, that totally sounds delicious and appealing now doesn’t it? Well you have to work hard to strengthen your body, and PiYO will definitely have you working hard.

Overall, this has been an amazing week and I can’t wait to see what the next weeks will bring.

As always eat healthy stay fit,


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