PiYO, Bring it (the excitement of course)


Today, I hopped, skipped and jumped down to our apartment’s office eager to get my hands on the latest member of my Beachbody family.  After completing the 21 day fix earlier this month (which I loved) I knew I wanted to try another workout.  I read the reviews for PiYO and watched the introductory video.  I’m not going to lie, the style of the workout really appealed to me.  “No Weights, No Jumps, Just Hardcore Results,” reads the inside of the workout case, and that is what Chalene (the instructor) promises.  The exercises are described as being a combination of yoga, pilates and fast fluid movements designed to strengthen your entire body.

I will have to comment that the meal plan enclosed inside is pretty similar to what I eat already.  It focuses on primary vegetables and lean protein with of course limited supplies of fruit, grains, and healthy fats. I fall into the Plan A category with a target caloric intake of 1200-1399 calories needed per day.  This equivalents out to 4 Servings of primary vegetables, 2 servings of secondary vegetables and grains, 2 servings of fresh fruit, 4 servings of lean protein and 3 servings of healthy fats.  Based on that overview as well as food lists contained inside the “Get Lean Eating Plan” I can assure you this is no starvation diet.  I’m not a huge fan of those…as you can tell, I like food too much to starve myself.  It’s just clean, sensible eating.

I will probably check in weekly to provide any updates, as well as anything I like or dislike during the next 60 days.

What are you favorite workouts?  Why?

As always eat healthy stay fit, 


2 Comments on “PiYO, Bring it (the excitement of course)

  1. The diet plan book makes grapefruit look so good right now! Hope the workouts are awesome!!

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