Herbs, they are pure greatness when it comes to cooking.  A little basil, rosemary or thyme goes a long way when flavoring your dishes naturally.  I think most will agree that there is nothing nicer than longingly staring at that fresh bunch of herbs at the store, as you drift off into day dream land (This would be fabulous in soup, or how about an herb crusted chicken, homemade pasta sauce?).  Or, do these things only happen to me at the grocery store?  That would explain the strange looks I receive.

Oh well, they can stare all they want because the jokes on them.  They have no idea what scrumptious feast I am about to whip up.  If they did, I’m almost certain I’d have party invitations streaming out the windows of my apartment from strangers. But, that’s not the case, and perhaps that is a very good thing as I like my peace and quiet and I’m sure the river below appreciates the lack of added pollution.

Anyways, Cal and I picked these lovely beauties up from Home Depot a few months ago and have lovingly attended to their every need and want.  Well, to be honest we mainly water them,  harness the sun, and try to protect them from being eaten by stubborn little gnats.  I guess that’s the problem when you pick up garden soil versus the potting soil.  We have found that an all natural pesticide made from peppermint oil and cayenne seems to be helping as well these Sticky Traps seem to do the trick.

It’s been really nice to have fresh herbs around the house and I can’t wait until we have a house with a garden.  You can bet this small collection of herbs will grow in size!

What are you favorite herbs and what foods do you enjoy to add them to?

As always eat healthy stay fit,


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