Itsy the “Queen”

itsy the queen

Itsy is the queen, and she’s made it quite apparent.  Although very lovable and polite at times, she does what she wants.  She even managed to break down our barriers and was allowed to sleep with us last night.

Like Cal, she also enjoys and benefits from my cooking.  Her favorite treats are left over chicken and her favorite hobby is standing behind me in the kitchen.  When I trip over her as I often do she just looks up and eyes me….“But, mommy…a treat for me?”

To all you pet owners out there. Do you make your animal’s food?  What food do you use?  What is the funniest thing your pet has done to obtain food that was clearly not meant for them?  For Itsy, it was the day she decided my chicken noodle soup was obviously meant for her.  Now I never leave my soup unattended.  Silly kitty.

As always eat healthy stay fit & love your pets,


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