Thrilling Thursdays and Chicken Broth


So yesterday was going to be a lovely post on the fantastic things that I ate all day, but since I was still feeling very sick my food for the day wasn’t really all that exciting.

Today will be much the same unfortunately.  It’s chicken broth and rye toast…not something terribly hard to make.

Step 1-go to pantry pull out chicken broth
Step 2-pour into mug, put in microwave and heat for 2.5 minutes
Step 3-drink

Oh and if your feeling super chef like…sprinkle black pepper on top…yeah…now your a pro!

So as I can’t post anything fascinating I can tell you that yesterday was Wednesday volleyball and although I was feeling quite under the weather it was still fun to go.  Our team is gaining confidence and smoothing our transitions.  I don’t doubt that we will continue to improve throughout the season.

As always eat healthy stay fit,



About Elle

I love to write and I love to cook. When I'm hit with a sudden inspiration of ideas and thoughts I take to the kitchen. Whether I'm at my stove or my computer I let this inspiration take flight and try to craft real life recipes and stories to intrigue.
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