Only the very best of the B’s


Blue Smoothie

By only the very best, I mean blueberries and bananas!  While we continue to move through the frigid March weather this smoothie is a definite pick me up and transports your taste buds straight into summer. It may not be time for flip flops, but that’s okay, we’ll make our own little vacation right here.

Start by wrapping yourself in the coziest of blankets. Now imagine a tropical beach, all toasty and warm.  Maybe you’ve been there before or maybe it’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Perhaps it’s covered with the finest of white sand and maybe the palm trees are swaying gently as they are caressed by a warm breeze. Feel that breeze across your face, and with every sip, sink further into your own perfect paradise.

The Best of the B’s Smoothie

Ingredients (serves 2):
-3 cups almond milk
-1 1/2 cups frozen blueberries
-4 ounces coconut yogurt ( I used Noosa)
-2 heaping tbsp sunflower butter

 -1 banana sliced
-1-2 tsp frozen blueberries


 Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.  Add more almond milk if needed to reach desired consistency. Top with sliced banana and additional frozen blueberries.


As always eat healthy stay fit,