Life/Post Surgery-Things always get better


In recent months I’ve been in pain, stressed and just overwhelmingly tired. Surgery, while not as bad as I feared was also not a cakewalk (haha you see what I did there…).Hospital***I look shockingly happy in this picture…go nerve blocker!

What they did:

My awesome orthopedic surgeon sent me on fabulous vacation to NH (conducted surgery at Kent Hospital). The surgery was fairly quick, and when I woke up I discovered a nerve block is quite possibly one of the best medical creations.

There was no pain, life was great…and then the nerve block wore off…..yup….life then was a little less great. During surgery, they stitched up my labrum, conducted reconstructive surgery on my rotator cuff and bicep tendon areas, and cleaned up some bone spurs in my clavicle region.

How it felt (then):

For the first week or so my thoughts were as follows: “Holy crap, someone sawed off my shoulder.  Why in God’s name did I do this?” I’ll be honest I had some purely miserable days, but as they say all wounds heal and mine will too.

Scars***Scars, 8 weeks post surgery

How it feels (now):

Now, 8 weeks after shoulder surgery, and 10 weeks after a tooth extraction, (Oh yes, if you didn’t know I had a lovely jaw infection that came from a failed root canal, so based on my then missing/deteriorating jaw bone, I decided to evict the tooth and infection from my mouth.  January was quite busy surgery month for me.  Shouldn’t every girl be so lucky?) I am finally beginning to feel more like myself  a non 80 year old falling apart, temporary denture wearing female.  Life is looking a great deal better.  I do not have full range of motion, but I can go to the gym as long as I’m careful not to fall off the cardio machines.  Things are in all aspects, looking up.

 Fast Forward (things to look forwards too):

-We should close on our house in the next 2-3 weeks.

-Cal & I get married in 96 days!

As always eat healthy stay fit,