“Oh little chicky, chicky, don’t fret: “It’s just one of those days.”


Today is one of those down a fork prong, no knife days. You know those days right? When you’re trying to eat your delectable, mini, chicken pot pie and “BOOM!” fork the prong down! No warning, just “SNAP!” (without the crackle and pop).

And you’re left there, already knife-less, looking down at the wonderful insides of your creation glistening back at you.

Mini chicken pot pie
(Clearly this looks just as fantastic as one right out of the oven)
Recipe (Modifications: I used green beans, corn, and cream of mushroom soup.  Spices: salt, pepper, paprika)

I could blame it on the plastic fork, or on my use of plastic forks in general, or on my lack of planning at times, but would it really matter? It’s just one of those days.

The days when your dentist calls the day before your extraction and says “Oh, I’m sorry he won’t be in the office in the afternoon…”
(Won’t be? For real? Because we scheduled this months ago!)

Or when they advise, “But we could fit you in on the 27th…”
(Seriously the 27th? Is it a big deal? No, yes, maybe, perhaps…)

When your response comes out as, “Well I suppose you could, but I’d likely have to cancel as I’m having shoulder surgery a few days before and that really doesn’t sound like the best of ideas…”
(Long pause, Then all of a sudden your appointment is back on but at 12 not 2…)

“Does that work for you?”
(Does it work…? Yes, no, yes, but now the day’s planning is all disarranged. All the appointments so carefully planned, all neatly in a row, like eggs in their carton…now tumble and smash to the ground.)

Of course this is all a little melodramatic, but the point is no matter how diligent and careful one is to plan, there is always something that will send your eggs crashing to the pavement.

In the end, you learn not to care so much, and to dig those last 3 fork prongs into your mini, chicken pot pie. In the end, it’s just you & that mini chicken pot pie. In the end, as you savor your last bite, nothing else matters.

What drives you crazy?

As always eat healthy stay fit,