Figs, Figs and my love of Crostinis



Figs.  How did I never know these could be so wonderful?  Back in the 90’s my knowledge of figs was confined to one product in particular, Fig Newtons.  And being a 90’s rebel you can guess they were not on the top of my snacking list.  However, as I grew (hardly, maybe a few inches) and my taste matured (laughable) I decided to give figs another try.  They are high in potassium and dietary fiber and that’s just the beginning of their health benefits.

Being winter in the Northeast there are no fresh figs.  Figs are generally harvested between the months of June and August with some varieties extending into the fall.  So, what’s a girl to do?  The next best thing.  I grabbed a package of dried figs at the local grocery store and brought them back home.  Then I wondered what to do with them for the next day.  

I decided well how about scones?   I hadn’t made those in a while, and I bet the fruity jammy texture of the figs would go perfectly in scones.  So I found this marvelous recipe online per theKitchn and decided to give it a go.  Now I did make a few adaptations to this recipe.

First, I halved all of the ingredients except for the egg and brown sugar.   I wasn’t about to make 18 scones for just Cal and I.  We love to snack but that amount would be a little ridiculous.  Why didn’t I halve the egg and brown sugar?  Well my friends, I wasn’t about to try to half an egg.  I’m sure I could have egg washed something or other with the remainder, but it wasn’t happening that day.

As for the brown sugar, I figured what the heck and threw in a little under 1/3 of a cup.  I also did half with blackberry jam and the other with this lovely rhubarb, cherry, strawberry jam I picked up while I was in Philadelphia (the Amish…whether they were fake or real Amish I will not know.  And to be honest, I don’t mind if they weren’t real.  Their jam was amazing….just ultimately delicious) a few months ago. What was the outcome?  Perfection my friends, complete perfection.  The texture was definitely scone-like, maybe a little more cohesive than some but wonderful just the same.  The figs and walnuts in the dough complimented both the blackberry and fruit medley jam.

I enjoyed with a hot cup of crème earl grey. This made me smile on the inside.

Since making the scones, I realized I was going on a major fig kick. I decided to utilize them in a completely different way.  In my mind I thought well I’ve now had them sweet…..What about savory?  This next recipe is ridiculously easy…I mean butter your toast easy…Ready?

Fig, Prosciutto and Goat cheese Crostinis

-Dried figs
-Herbed Goat Cheese

1. Take your baguette.  Carefully slice long thing diagonal pieces.  As many as you desire.
2. Arrange pieces on a tray or baking sheet.
3. Spread each slice with a generous amount of herb goat cheese (your call to how much is enough).
4. Slice the dried fig finely and place on top of goat cheese.
5. Top each piece with chopped walnut pieces and shredded prosciutto.
6. Bake in the oven or toaster oven at 400 about 3-4 minutes or until prosciutto looks slightly crisp.  I generally keep an eye on mine.  You want it to be toasted but nowhere near charred.
7.  Remove from oven and arrange on plate.
8. Top each with a few pieces of arugula and a drizzle of honey.
9. Enjoy J

Pictured next to the Fig, Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Crostinis are Smoked Salmon Crostinis.  Are you seeing a trend?  I bet.

Smoke Salmon Crostinis

-Smoked Salmon
-Cream Cheese
-Capers (optional)

1. Begin by slicing your baguette the same as before, long diagonal slices.
2. Place on a baking tray and bake for about 3 minutes at 400.
3. When slices are golden, remove from oven.
4. Spread cream cheese on each slice.
5-Top with smoked salmon and basil (capers if you like).
6. Enjoy J

Enjoy these as appetizers at a party or a tapas style lunch or dinner.   They are delicious and sure to please a wide range of audiences.

As always eat healthy stay fit,