Get your tea on

Refreshing, comforting, spicy, sweet or iced. I can’t even place a number on how many different types of teas exist. Black, green, red, white and decaffeinated; whatever your style or taste I guarantee somewhere out there is a tea for you. I used to drink tea only on occasion. About five years ago I discovered…

Pomegranate Beet Salad

A delicious mixture of earthiness with tangy fruit. Great portion for lunch or scale down for a side salad with dinner.

Get out of your comfort zone

Yesterday was second week of open house at the Newport Volleyball League. Being new in town and former volleyball player (here and there in high school and college) it was a fun exercise alternative and I got to meet a bunch of fantastic ladies. Wednesdays from 7-9/9:30 we will warm-up, scrimmage and overall learn a…

“Do as little or as much as you can”

Wouldn’t the world be a lovely and magical place if we could eat whatever we wanted and have no consequences? And yes I mean zero, zip nada. Well as I’m sure you’ve all figured out, we all are what we EAT and more so, we are what we DO. Changing your diet is a lifestyle change, and I mean…

Kitchen Savvy

Some people are good at sports, some at math, others at politics.  While I will never be an Olympic athlete, solve complex Calculus, or be able to keep up with the ever changing political debates I will tell you one thing; I can most definitely cook.