Green and Red-Back on Track?


12-6 juice

As you know I’ve been feeling very under the weather for the past week or so.  My body decided that it didn’t care what I wanted, it wanted what it desired.  By this week’s aches and pains I’m still not entirely sure what that was, but I’ve decided to give it some peace and not be angry at it any longer.

On another happy note, it’s Friday!  I’m very excited about that.  This next week will be our last in the old apartment and come next weekend we will be fully moved!  I know this weekend will be a little stressful with packing and moving but I’m glad that I’m beginning to see the progress and know the finish line isn’t very far away.  Enjoy your lovely selves this weekend but in the meantime…I have juices for you!

So two new juices for today. A lovely refreshing fruit breakfast juice and a delicious earthy lunch.

Pucker upa little tangy yet sweet.
-2 apples
-2 pears
-2 kiwis
-3 tomatillos

Throw all in a juicer and blend!

Fall Harvest
-1 beet
-4 carrots
-1 sweet potato

Throw all in a juicer and blend!

As always eat healthy stay fit,