Yoga, release your inner goddess…not duck


When I first heard of people doing yoga I wasn’t at all sure what it was or if I would like it. (A downward what????) I’d buy books, dvds and even viewed specialized programs. However, it was always just a temporary phase I’d go through and sooner than later I’d forget it even existed.

In the past year to two I’ve really begun to realize all of the benefits it provides. Relaxation, flexibility, peace and an all over feeling of wellness. Living with fibromyalgia I often feel as if my joints are stiff and the surrounding areas are more often than not tender. Adding yoga into a rotational exercise program has proven to be successful at alleviating some of the discomfort.  It has also enabled me to relax and find a sense of peace (even if for just a few minutes).

Often when I’ve had a rough day at work or just feel all over tense I will go home, draw a bath, pour a generous amount (and I mean generous) of aromatherapy oils or salts specifically designated for tension (my favorites are rosemary, sage, lavendar and tension mix that Cal got me). I’ll relax and try to unwind from the day. After my bath I prefer to do gentle yoga. The bath itself relaxes my extremely tense muscles enough for this to be possible.

If I were to do yoga immediately upon returning home I’d often feel tense and frustrated as my body does not glide into position but rather awkwardly attempts and more than often looks like a floundering duck or at worst a terrible game of Twister. I definitely would not look or feel like a goddess that’s for sure.

So to avoid any duck like resemblance I take my bath begin to relax and then slowly and gently stretch my muscles while at the same time strengthening.

I’d like to begin going to a yoga studio a few times a week for a while. I feel the on hands approach would allow me to be more creative in my workouts and would provide an amazing experience.

For all you yoga doer’s out there. Do you prefer to go to a class or at home? And what is your favorite type of yoga?

As always eat healthy stay fit,