Winner winner chicken stew dinner?


Now, who doesn’t like chicken out there….(vegetarians don’t answer that question, I will have plenty of veggie only dishes up at some point). There are a lot of people out there walking around with a huge misconception that chicken is boring. (Cue TV commercial: “Aww man, chicken….again?”)  What they don’t realize is chicken is a very versatile protein.

You can spice it up (“Well hello there buffalo wings, don’t mind if I do.”) or make it sweet (orange glazed chicken anyone?).  Salty or savory more your speed?  Try it roasted or country fried.  Health conscious?  How about grilled with a knockout spicy peach salsa…heck you can even throw in a grilled lime and avocado on the side.  It goes on pizza, sandwiches, wraps and turns out delicious in stews and cooked pies.

Overall, chicken is delicious and I don’t care what you say.  It also happens to be on the menu tonight.  Tonight I will try something new….something daring and something that I dare say is a bit of an experiment.  A variation on the well known comfort food of chicken soup. Except mine will be a stew.

I will invent the stew tonight and will let you know how it goes.  If all is well it could become a staple in our busy night dinners.

As always eat healthy stay fit,