My BFF Juicer Met Beecartox-Love at first speed



Juice, juice oh how I love to juice. And I mean REAL juice, not that concentrated syrupy mess they disguise as juice in the grocery store. Dismiss its brightly colored cheerful cardboard box, and turn that bad boy over. Just on a rough scan of the ingredients most items will say, made from concentrate and will have a giant list of ingredients, half that you cannot pronounce. Then take a look at that sugar index.

Remember 4 grams of sugar is the equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar. There are many juices that come in at 24 grams per serving or even a shocking 48. That is 6-12 teaspoons of sugar in your 8 ounce glass my friend. And who among us actually measures out 8 ounces of juice? If you do, great for you. However if you grab your juice glass out of your cabinet and fill it with 6 to 12 grams of sugar you’ll be shocked, appalled, want to call the juice court and appeal! Alright…so you might not want to do that.

However, while the amount of sugar in something is important it is also important to see where your sugar is coming from. It is far healthier to have a higher intake of sugar from a natural source than to obtain the same intake from processed sugar, corn syrup etc. I try to only drink juices I make, that way I can be certain of the ingredients and be sure no added sugar creeps its way in. Below I have a great juice recipe that I enjoy on a weekly basis. It’s sweet, earthy and I definitely feel rejuvenated.

Sugar content:
9 grams of sugar per 1 cup beet
19 grams of sugar in an apple
3.4 grams in a large carrot
And almost no sugar in 1 tsp of ginger

Beecartox (2 servings)
2 large beets cut into chunks -18 grams
1 apple cut into chunks-19 grams
4 large carrots-13.6
2 tsp ginger-0
25 grams of sugar per serving

What’s your favorite type of juice?
As always, eat healthy stay fit,