Kitchen Savvy


pasta making

Some people are good at sports, some at math, others at politics.  While I will never be an Olympic athlete, solve complex Calculus, or be able to keep up with the ever changing political debates I will tell you one thing; I can most definitely cook.

My love for food and desire to cook began somewhere around 15 years ago.  My father worked days at a computer company and my mother worked nights as a NICU nurse.  During the summers I would experiment in our kitchen, while at the same time praying I wouldn’t burn the house down (which in case you wondered…I never did).

Today, I am most often found in the kitchen experimenting with everyday food items to try and create an experience that is delicious while healthy.  I crave to take the ordinary, the odd, and even the insanely bizarre foods and create a dish that’s extraordinary.

That said, a little more about me.

I recently made a major life decision.  I not only switched jobs, move states (from CT to RI) but moved in with my boyfriend Cal.  While being a large change it was the best possible choice and I’m incredibly fortunate.

We live under the reign of our newly adopted cat, Itsy.  She is a perfect cat, very friendly but likes to make it clear that she is the ruler and we her lowly subjects.

This is the story of girl who can best be defined as kitchen savvy.

From my kitchen to yours,