Get your tea on



Refreshing, comforting, spicy, sweet or iced. I can’t even place a number on how many different types of teas exist. Black, green, red, white and decaffeinated; whatever your style or taste I guarantee somewhere out there is a tea for you.

I used to drink tea only on occasion. About five years ago I discovered an amazing thing about tea. It’s healthy for you, comes in several varieties and you can really have it your way (enter in Burger King slogan joke here). All joking aside when I came to this realization, I could not stop drinking tea. On an average day I’d say I drink between 3-5 cups of many different varieties.

Cal said that when I moved in I brought clothes, cooking appliances and tea. I would have to agree I have a pretty large assortment. Well we ran out of space in one cabinet and had to move some to another. Now we have two entire shelves on the wall dedicated to it (shelves courtesy of Home Depot and Cal’s manly home improvement skills). Some may laugh but I have a tea for several moods styles and ailments.

In the summer one of my favorite teas is a raspberry iced tea. I do not add any sugar to the mix but simply steep and then chill. The sweetness and tartness of the raspberries make a refreshing drink after being outside in the heat.

During the fall and winter months I enjoy a variety of chais, black teas and the occasional pick me up herbal. As noted before I do not generally sweeten any of my teas. Occasionally, I will use honey or stevia. The way to make tea unhealthy is to load it up with spoonful after spoonful of sugar. It may take some time to adjust but your body will thank you for cutting it out. Cutting the sugar out will also allow you to enjoy the teas natural flavors.

What’s your favorite type of tea and what is your favorite tea store?

As always eat healthy stay fit,