Get out of your comfort zone


Yesterday was second week of open house at the Newport Volleyball League. Being new in town and former volleyball player (here and there in high school and college) it was a fun exercise alternative and I got to meet a bunch of fantastic ladies.

Wednesdays from 7-9/9:30 we will warm-up, scrimmage and overall learn a better understanding of the game. In high school I was familiar playing in a 4:2 setup, meaning there were four hitters and two setters in the game.

However, Newport plays a 5:1 or 6:2 meaning there are either five hitters and one setter or for the 6:2 out of six people on the court six can hit and two can also set.

Last week I concentrated mainly on hitting and serving. At 5’3” I was not often put in a hitter position because of my height. (Trying to block a hit is almost impossible when you can barely touch the top of the net, while jumping.) I focused on my approach and strong hits. I found I actually enjoyed being an outside hitter more than I thought I would. I was also able to work on my serve and got several great ones in.

This week I decided to change roles and work on setting again. Although I was nervous that I wouldn’t remember how it gradually came back to me. I would like to work on back sets and focus on my control. When the night wrapped up I felt accomplished and enjoyed the alternative exercise.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new ideas is important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some individuals run every day, and that’s all they ever do. Others only lift. I know I’m not comfortable or happy doing the same routine every day as it gets very boring and monotonous. While I can go through the motions if I have to, I’m often not happy after my work out and do not feel accomplished.

Another pro to finding fun exercise alternative is many can be done with a group of people. While I like to work out individually because it allows me to focus, I also enjoy working out with others. I benefit from the team dynamic as I can learn new approaches or styles. If I were left on my own I might continue doing a particular workout or exercise one way. When you’re surrounded by many people it is amazing how much you can learn and take away from their experiences.

Tonight is yoga and pilates night. I’m excited to get some nice stretching in. What are some of your favorite workouts and what do you do to stay fit?

As always eat healthy stay fit,