“Do as little or as much as you can”


Wouldn’t the world be a lovely and magical place if we could eat whatever we wanted and have no consequences? And yes I mean zero, zip nada. Well as I’m sure you’ve all figured out, we all are what we EAT and more so, we are what we DO.

Changing your diet is a lifestyle change, and I mean really changing it. Not doing any of those fad, low carb, low fat, low…for the lack of better words…essentially eating the equivalency of cardboard diets. Eating well is a great step to all over wellness; however for many individuals myself included it is simply not enough.

But where does one get the time? You’re already saying: “But I work…” “I have kids…” “I hate running…” “I have other hobbies I want to pursue…” And you’re right. You have a life and I expect you to have one. I too fall prey to many of those sayings and get frustrated. When this happens I often imagine myself as a small child sitting smashing my fists against the floor (Attractive? I know.). My grownup self screams “But where do I get the time???????”

The answer is simple enough. You either make the time or you don’t. When I say time, “What is the expectation?” “How much time is enough time?” My answer: “As much time as you feel you can commit.” I set guidelines for myself and small goals. While I eat consistently healthy 5-6 days out of the week, my exercise varies from week to week.

Some weeks I am able to commit more time, some weeks I am lucky if I can squeeze in a few quick workouts. I think the biggest mistake individuals make is setting unrealistic goals. Exercising 1+ hours a day can be a daunting idea to many. They set this goal and find they can’t always meet it. When they fail to meet this and other high goals they lose ambition and decide that it’s just not worth it and why should they bother trying.

My two cents (not that you asked me) is “Do as little or as much as you can.” I’m a firm believer that doing something is definitely more beneficial than nothing. That said, workouts that I personally do and alternatives will follow.

As always eat healthy stay fit,