And off we go!


So  rumour has it, I must really enjoy moving because I’m moving again in such a short time.  When I moved in with Cal we decided we really needed a bigger place and a location that would be more centralized for our commute.

We submitted our application to a lovely renovated mill farther west and north in Rhode Island, and fingers crossed we are hoping to hear from them soon!  The space would be a great fit for us.  It’s charming, warm, homey and has fabulous original wood floors; believe it or not…you haven’t even heard about the most amazing feature.

My favorite place in the whole world to be…”the kitchen!” As soon as we walked in I was in awe (I found out love at first sight really does exist, and to think we ever questioned those fairy tales).  I could see myself cooking, from everyday lunches, to the occasional weekend brunch or even wait for it…elevated dining.   That’s not to mention there is plenty of space for all appliances and canning equipment.

As always eat healthy stay fit,